• Indie game developer and publisher.

  • A fun, slice of life, visual novel game set within a beach resort of Japan where the protagonist can start over and perhaps find what he has been missing.

  • Take the role of a young man
    as his world is invaded by mischievous
    demi-gods for some divine slice of life.

  • A Sci-Fi Space Epic, where you play as the captain.
    Recruit a crew, explore, trade and take jobs.
    Making your name among the stars.

  • Take the role of Shizume
    living as a detective in a cyber punk city of the future.
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Most Recently Released Titles

  • Sword of Asumi
  • Quantum Flux

Play as Asumi an assassin as she has to infiltrate a school in order to locate a rebel. The assassin must now come out of the shadows in order to succeed.
Now available via the links below:

Our very first game, originally released in 2014... As the last survivors of Earth you must try to survive a journey to find a new home in this roguelike text and combat adventure.
Now available via the link below:

Development Progress

Beach Bounce
Divine Slice of Life
Starlight Drifter
Echo Tokyo

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